Basic HTML5.0&CSS3 Div Tag Layout



I have made this basic div tag layout to teach you that how can you make first basic div tag layout after learning the complete course of HTML and CSS. So friends this is your first practice layout which will be made to tell you about all the ups and downs of making a web design layout. I will make this layout by using HTML4.0 and css3 with the assistance of Div tags. So you must keep in mind that div tags are very important in HTML because we always need to use the div tags in making different sections inside our web layout,therefore I said to you in my HTML course also that you must learn the usage of div tag perfectly,so you can become a master in HTML.Friends in this div tag layout I hope you will learn perfectly the usage of div tags that where and when should we use the div tags and what’s the importance of div tags in creation of any theme. I would like to advise you that you must watch this course again and again until you master of div tag usage only then you can go ahead in coding world.

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Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 10 weeks


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I am an expert of graphic designing and in web development and teaching online in previous mentioned professions and also running a web site constituted in these subjects. I have a lot of experience in above mentioned categories So I can transfer lot of my knowledge from my mind to your minds.I have taught some computer schools in Pakistan like Green Model Computer Academy and having got good experience of teaching.


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