Build A Responsive Website From Scratch



I have made this course by purely using hand made coding to make a web design layout responsive.Often people use bootstrap for this purpose but the shortcoming of the usage of bootstrap kinds of frame work is that students can not get full control over the CSS 3 properties,therefore I have made this course to make the students fully expert over all the essential HTM5.0 tags and CSS3 properties.So I am very hopeful that after joining this course and learning it, you will get a good control over making any kind of layout.This course is constituted on 37 videos and I have focused the usage of all the essential HTML5.0 tags and CSS 3 properties,so you could learn their usage very well.


What Will I Learn

  • Students will be able to learn all the essential tags of HTML5.0 and their proper usage
  • Students will be able to learn all the essential CSS3 properties and their proper usage.
  • Students will be able to make a responsive layout after learning this course.



  • Students should have code editor and web browser for joining this course.


Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone who takes interest in HTML5.0 and CSS3 and want to make a web layout by using them can participate in this course.

Course Content

Total learning: 35 lessons Time: 10 weeks


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I am an expert of graphic designing and in web development and teaching online in previous mentioned professions and also running a web site constituted in these subjects. I have a lot of experience in above mentioned categories So I can transfer lot of my knowledge from my mind to your minds.I have taught some computer schools in Pakistan like Green Model Computer Academy and having got good experience of teaching.


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