Roads To Lift The Success Curtains


Course Description

As I have been teaching in different colleges of Lahore Pakistan for 15 years and also online on different platforms for last 5 years,I have thousands of students both offline and online,therefore I have created this course on Success Visualization to give you the most powerful tips and tricks on success issue because everybody is keeping different kinds of success in their lives and its a difficult question that what kind of success is called the real success in life.

I have created the power point presentations on different aspects of life to highlight which aspect is keeping the top priority to gain the top success ratio because some aspects are so crucial that if anyone loses from that angle,he or she can not be called a successful personality.Actually in my opinion success is the name of that victory which provides you satisfaction even the loss of so many things in your life but you are satisfied because you have gained whatever you wanted.Obviously nobody can cover the whole aspects of life and half glass of life dreams will remain empty.Therefore when we sit to concentrate on success ratio of our lives or others lives,we must keep this point in our minds before making any judgement.

I hope you will find the possible solutions to succeed in your life by gaining your objectives after joining this course and real meanings of success and failures will also be explained to you by giving suitable examples and this course will assist you a lot in building up your career in understanding the true meanings of success and failures and right directions towards a prosperous life.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will achieve the ideology of success and be able to apply it in their real lives to gain their possible objectives.
  • Top Reasons Behind The Success And Failure
  • Right Ideology Towards Success
  • Why Someones Become Successful And Someones Remain Failure By Adopting The Same Measures.
  • Start Up Plan To Begin A Successful Journey.


  • Need Some Motivation.

  • Need Some Courage To Start Your Journey

  • Need Some Confidence To Show Your Personality By Facing The People


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I am an expert of graphic designing and in web development and teaching online in previous mentioned professions and also running a web site constituted in these subjects. I have a lot of experience in above mentioned categories So I can transfer lot of my knowledge from my mind to your minds.I have taught some computer schools in Pakistan like Green Model Computer Academy and having got good experience of teaching.


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