Learn JavaScript Basics From Scratch

I have written this article on java script for those who want to learn something brief about java script. I have also shown some videos on java script basics guide for beginners, so you must watch those videos also to understand java script in a perfect way.

JavaScript is one of the most important dynamic web languages to date. It is everywhere we go on the web; from logging into G-mail, to annoying pop-up windows, JavaScript has become an integral part of our browsing experience. So what is this programming language you ask? Well, many have confused it with languages like C++ and Java, however, although the name may imply a connection, JavaScript is at most only similar to these other languages. In fact, JavaScript has many similar actions to these other languages that came because of its development during the popularity of Java.

Brendan Eich from Netscape developed JavaScript in the 90’s. It was initially called Mocha, then renamed to Livescript, finally becoming what we know it today by; JavaScript.

It was a hot language that quickly became popular, but also received criticism. Because it was targeted to younger household developers more professional developers attacked the spread of the language. Eventually JavaScript became an integral part of the web browser, which is a large reason why the language remains so powerful and popular today.

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JavaScript is built into all web browsers making it easy for developers and users to implement. It is as simply read as HTML and does not require any download.

JavaScript is not only used for the web, although it is primarily web based, it is also used for widgets, desktop applications, and PDF actions.

Javascripts most common usage is to write actions into HTML that create visual animations and behaviors in a web browser, thus enhancing the web experience that static HTML offers. Some actions that Javascript is known to do include:

  • Opening pop-up windows by recognizing mouse or keyboard actions
  • Validating forms
  • Altering the apperance of CSS or images when the mouse √íhovers√ď over a section of the page
  • Recording and sending information about the users reading habits. Analytics.

Gmail is one web based resource that relies heavily on Javascript. Actions like retrieving mail and displaying graphical icons with animation are based on Javascript. Any site that has a pop-up calander for reservations, like Expedia and other airline booking sites, use Javascript also.

In summary, Javascript is an extremely influential web language that has changed the way we expereince the internet. It is simple to implement and offers a much more dynamic web experience than static html could. Web designers should implement this technology to increase site usability and asthetic. People should understand that what they see isn’t simply one language but a combination of efforts and languages.

Videos On Java Script In Urdu & Hindi:


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